Ichiyo Retreat & Workshop
with Elaine Jo,   Executive Master

Mission Statement:
Ichiyo Ikebana conference is offered for the purpose of promoting interaction, friendship, and focus among Ichiyo Ikebana artists who are or have studied with Elaine Jo. Held in a retreat setting, the conference provides a three day intensive workshop to augmen
t regular lessons of the Ichiyo-style of ikebana and to reinforce the motto of the school "The free style of flowers".

Elaine Jo:
Studied ikebana in Japan from 1975-1989 and has enjoyed many opportunities to promote Ichiyo ikebana in the United States through teaching, demonstrating, and exhibiting. She was President for 11 years of the former Ichiyo Art Center in Atlanta. Current President of the Ichiyo Atlanta Chapter. Her passion has remained constant through the years. She especially loves teaching, drawing inspiration and joy from the creativity of her students and the passion they, too, feel for the art. We grow together.